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christie's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2005-02-27 22:01
Subject:where oh where
Mood: happy

The Oscars are on right now. i love chris rock and always will.

This weekend one of my roommates had 4 of the most metro guys from Jersey come visit. The house was packed and 3 new bottles of alcohol were in  the freezer by noon every day. Although they were complete idiots, i had fun making fun of them and letting them buy me food and things. Work was extra testing this weekend. Friday night, dead... made $40. Saturday night, extremely busy... made $150. Sunday day, one table... made $5. I hate slow nights, theyre awful.

Tonight i had a meeting with my advertising group and only me and one other guy showed. We waited there for 45 minutes for the other people. i was so pissed. Our project is due on thursday and, as of now, all we have is an idea. We really needed this night to work on our campaign.bastards.

i think im the only person in the world with no ipod.  im so deprived.

spring break is coming up! yay!! is Panama City fun?

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Date:2004-10-13 12:55
Subject:YUP in my white tee.
Mood: determined

guys!! nobody called me or wrote me an e mail or anything for my bday! sad story.

i'll get over it. sniff.

so, i havent had a day off of work or school since school started, except for my b day b/c school was canceled b/c of the hurricane. but i work every thirsday, friday saturday and on sundays i work a double. so, im making money, but ALL of it goes to rent, supplies, groceries, and the three tickets i got this weekend! yay! i got tickets for not having my license with me, not having insurance (b/c i wasnt driving my car), and b/c the tiny fender bender was my fault. so, now i have to go to court (scary) and pay a million fines and fees. AND i went to the doctor over a month ago and was told that all i would have to pay is $25 when i went there, and now theyre sending my dad a bill for $200 for reasons that they cant seem to explain to me. and my dad isnt going to pay for it. so i also have to figure that shit out.

on another note, my photography class is soooo fun! my teacher is this big fat indian (like cherokee indian, but not cherokee, some other tribe) and hes hillarious and ive learned so much and have come up with some cool pictures. But i still dont have a camera, im borrowing one of my friends cameras just for this quarter. who ever knew photo supplies were so expensive though.... it kills me.

so, im on a new plan... i only drink or go out like once a week. im liking it, and its making me skinnier. but its hard to do that when my roommates go out everytime the sun goes down.

but i'm loving school... and i'm still waiting for ssc to come visit me. im getting lonely. i need a little sunshine in my life.

zach is doing wonderfully!!!! everyone will love him! PLEASE COME SEE ME!! EVERYONE!!

alright... had to get LJ writing out of my system... now i have to go write a "how to" speech (am i in 5th grade? i think so).


ps. chelseas b day is on the 19th!! you should all call her!

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Date:2004-08-23 01:30

i'm going full speed, have been since i got here last week, and i'm not planning on stopping any time soon.

my house is amazing, unbelievable, and ssc ready.

craziness, pure craziness.... i'll write more and give details later.

much love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date:2004-08-07 19:30
Subject:what up cut?!
Mood: amused

last night i got back home from new orleans and the cruise. new orleans was fun as usual. i love my friends.. ssc tattoo for real when i get some loot (ha). let the "visit christie in savannah so we can have the much needed ssc bonding time" planning begin!! i go back to GA in 8 days. weird! but im thrilled!!

The cruise ended up exceeding my expectations by miles!! met some really fun people, sang lots of aretha franklin karaoke and got the approval of all the black ladies, ate good food and not so good food, my dad bought me drinks!!, danced, played the slots!, took advantage of free room service, etc. we rented a jeep and spent a day at Playa del Carmen, which had the most beautiful beaches i've ever seen. its a tiny island with smooth white sand and the bluest, greenest, most clear water ever and there were  huts everywhere along the beach. i have so many stories and pictures, i'll never forget it. then we went to cozomel and went snorkeling and rode on this party boat to a private beach where we swam and layed under the trees. what a beautiful experience, the world never ceases to amaze me.

i think im going to breakdown pretty soon, or maybe i just need to let some tears out. i cried today watching queer eye, but the guy was just so happy, i felt his joy! yea, im an emotional wreck lately.

alright... laurens house sitting tonight, so im gonna party it up there.

ive been wearing the same thing for 2 days and i love it.


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Date:2004-07-21 00:26
Subject:my friends my habits my family.
Mood: anxious

they mean so much to me.

soooo zach came in town last week and left yesterday. we had such a great time. it was pretty damn amazing. i showed him all the goodies in SA. not too exciting here, but we definitely made the best of it. Ive come to realize that hes the funniest person ive ever met. we laughed the entire time he was here, and we even had our own private dance party... we threw back a case of bud light and flipped on the hip hop channel and danced for over an hour. good times. im having withdraws, but not to worry.....

NEW ORLEANS here i commmee!! i'll be there monday for sure if not sunday night. im feeling the need to have some really cool pictures of ssc taken. So if any of you know someone with a good camera, preferably digi, then lets get some pics taken. I want to use them for something. my mom is inspiring me to do a huge, wall sized, ssc collage, painting with artistic pictures of us type of thing. i really want to do it. theeenn, on the 31st, we go on the cruise. how exciting is that!!!??? then i go back to savannah on the 15th. and im counting on EVERYONE IN SSC to come visit me in sav. i cant wait. much love! 

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Date:2004-06-30 20:14
Subject:all i pray is that my feet dont fail me now
Mood: excited

HEY SSC!! just wanted to say that I miss and love you all, and were getting tattoos when i come in town at the end of july and i cant wait!!

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Date:2004-05-11 01:37
Subject:11 days left!
Mood: depressed

im pretty sad that there are only 11 days left that im in savannah. im guess im really not ready to leave evrybody after all. makes me sad thinking about it, so im not going to.

lauren got here today!! we just watched slackers, i LOVE that movie. she made be about 100 cookies! i already ate 1/10 of them tonight. im a fat ass. no kidding.

im depressed, i dont feel like writing anymore. brandon hates me and im sad. i think every choice i make is the wrong one... it feels that way anyway.

went to the sand arts fest this weekend. that was really fun... i helped make a turtle. i got a shade darker than clear. it was fun getting in the water.

ok, still feeling like shit. night.

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Date:2004-04-30 15:56
Mood: anxious

ok, so i have 2 big projects that i have to complete in the next 2 weeks. (1) i have to make a chair as if i were in the mind of an artist. We have to chose an artist with a defined style. for instance, if i chose Monet, i would have to think as if i were him building a chair, so i would make some sort of pastel impressionistic chair. and by chair, it just has to be anything that someone can sit on, it doesnt have to look like a chair. and i dont have to choose a painter, i can do a fashion designer, architect, photographer,... the list is endless. and project (2) i have to make an outfit usig no textile materials. the idea is to try and recycle something, but if not, then i have to use something that i can buy a lot of for not a lot of money. in the past people have used bottle caps, little oragami stars, fruit loops, cut up soda cans, etc etc.
SO.............. my mission for you guys is to help me come up with some really clever, fun, practical, and impressive ideas for these two projects! put your thinking caps on!!

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Date:2004-04-28 16:03
Subject:3 1/2 weeks

so... i have 3 1/2 weeks before i go back to SA for the summer. weird to think about. laurens coming in a week and a half. its weird to think that when i go back, i will have not been at home for 5 months. im kinda sad about being away from everyone here for so long. sniff. i'll be back in 2 months and i'll be living in paradise.

i went to the sidewalk arts festival on sunday. it was really cool, im going to enter it next year. there was a parade and food and a fun raggae band and all the sidewalks were decorated... i was pretty impressed.

i want to travel, but i cant think of a time in the near or semi-near future when im going to have enough money to do so. yesterday on oprah the topic was "couples in debt and millionaire couples" and it made me feel a little uneasy about my financial state in the future, but i learned that i just need to not have a credit card (check), dont take out loans (student loans, hopefully thats it), and shop at Sam's (i hate sams, but if oprah believes it works im willing to make the commitment.... maybe).

k, art history.

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Date:2004-04-21 13:32
Subject:forsyth park
Mood: dorky

so, im studying for my really freaking hard art history test that i have in about an hour and a half, and in my notebook i came across some writing i did one day when i ventured over to the park one day when i got out of class early. just thought i might share it with you guys just to give you a little taste of an experience i love having here in savannah.

its called Forsyth Park:

Blue skies smiling at me.
I hear distant sounds of
a trumpet playing one of the
happiest songs i know.
There couldnt be a more
fitting song for this day.

This is a place to sit and
write. I know why people
write poems.

Im sitting by myself, but
Im not alone. This oak
tree pressed againsed my
back could not be more
comfortable. I wonder how
old it is. I wonder how
long it took to get this

The sun is shining perfectly
on my face, my knees,
my notebook, my hands.
Im so comfortably warm
though the breeze is cool.
Thank God for light jackets.

I can hear my trumpet
man playing, but i cant
see him. i bet hes old.
i bet hes black. I can
feel him feel his music.
Hes playing from his heart,
i can tell.

Im naturally smiling
and no one will ever
know. I believe i am
meant to be here right
now. this moment is for
me, and i am more than

I can close my eyes, let the
beeze blow my hair, let
the sun warm me, i see
red under my eyelids, and i
imagine i am exactly where im

That was a nice day, i remember it. turns out my trumpet man was actually an old white guy playing a saxaphone, i dont know what i was thinking. but hes still cool and i see him all over this city and i always give him a dollar. i wonder if he ever remembers me? im too scared to start up a conversation.

man, i always forget how much i like guster.

Date:2004-04-19 16:03
Subject:oh, its so grand!
Mood: chipper

so last night about 20 friends came over to the new house, we opened a bottle of champagne, people got pushed in the pool, we gave tours of the house, we ate deviled eggs and chips and spring rolls and cheese ritz bitz, we played DDR and kareoke revolution (thats right), showed off Remi (our new gun-metal gray, blue eyed great dane puppy), retards drank 151, and we christined the house by smoking on the 3rd floor balcony out of an apple (yea, you know youve all done it).

it was a great night, everytime somone walked into a different room they all had the same reaction.. "holy shit!" "Like... im in shock, is this real?" oh, its real.

i was uncomfortably showing off this awesome house im going to live in next year and i felt extremely excited yet bad at the same time. why should i be so lucky? i want to give my room to an underpriveledged family and i'll sleep on the couch. maybe i'll follow through.

but, tonight more people are coming over and everyone is gonna have fun and i dont have to feel akward about showing anything off again. i cant wait! girls are gonna but margaritas and boys are gonna but meat and snacks, and cook on our huge grill. i havent eaten all day, im gonna pig out and not want to get in my swimsuit, but i will anyways b/c if you got it flaunt it. (i stole that quote from midgets shirt, its true).

art historys calling my name.

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Date:2004-04-12 15:58
Mood: amused

im ready for summer. i dont know if im ready for 3 months of summer back in SA at my house dealing with family BS and having nothing to do every night and no car to take me anywhere. but i think i will enjoy relaxing and just being back home for a while.

i must get a job this summer, but i kinda need a car in order to do that. i want to go on a thousand road trips. im gonna miss everyone here. its gonna be weird/hard.

things to do this summer (i enjoy everyone elses lists so im making one too):
*go to new orleans for at least a week
*get ssc tattoo
*have ssc at a beach or at a hotel in SA.
*get a job at a high class cute clothes shop
* if that doesnt work out, get a job at a fun restaurant and make LOTS OF $$$$ and dont spend a single dime on food or clothes or anything thats less important than going over seas with marla and visiting scad friends in all parts of the country on one big road trip... whos comming with me????
*save money for dream house
*get a cheap/reliable car
*eat right and stay fit!!!!!!!!!!

ok. im ready for it.

stu's gonna come to SA!! and brandon might come with kara or chelcey. fun fun fun!!

last night kara and i went out to eat with ghetto zack and his posse. we got all dressed up and ate at the worst place on river street. it was fun any way. we celebrated easter, and the one day that i had NO homework. exciting.

k, art history break is over! peace

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Date:2004-03-29 16:03
Subject:ahhh.. 15 minute break
Mood: busy

im in my "survey of western arts II" class now. my teacher is the cutest little british man in the world.

seems like the only times i have time to relax is when i get a 15 minute break in the middle of my 2 1/2 hour classes. but thats ok.

i told my dad all i do is school school school school work work work, with never a day off. he symphatically said " welcome to the real world". hmmm. thanks pop.

on a much higher note, im moving into this really cooooool house next year. its a bed and breakfast right now, but the people that own it are selling it. i move in in august with 4 of my gf's. we each get our own room and bathroom and wet bar. the house is fully furnished with nice furnature and tv's and vcr's in every room. the people are leaving their video collection with over 100 movies. there is a small heated pool in the backyard (which, by the way, the back yard is pimp.... i dont think there is a better word to describe it). its 3 stories and each room has a door leading to a balcony facing the back yard.

OK... now go look at the website for the house... www.link2paradise.com
(im retarted and i dont know how to make a little thing where you make the link blue and you can just click on it)

erins journal reminded me that easter is coming up. i forgot. :( no rediculously generous easter basket this year. marla! lets decorate easter baskets and ride our bikes in cute limited 2 clothes while camping with minners and my other white trash semi-relatives.

ok, break is over.

ssc tattoo? ssc summer vacay??

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Date:2004-03-25 14:17
Subject:for the sake of ssc

so.. im in my intro to fashion class. my asian teacher has been talking for 2 1/2 hours and though ive tried to pay complete attention, the undirectionality of his speech combined with acute ADD has forced me to write in my LJ. Im pretty excited about all my classes, im taking intro to fashion, 3-D design, and survey of western arts 2.

i have to have 40 sketches for this class by tuesday. must work this weekend. alot. on top of working at the restaurant, but for $10/hr plus tips i will work there whenever they want me.

oh god, class is over. longer post later.

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Date:2004-03-05 01:24
Subject:and what..?
Mood: giddy

so, did the groundhog see his shadow? anyone else have a deep desire to watch Groundhogs Day? i love/hate that movie.

sorry LJers, i love you all. dont hate me for my lack of participation.



nothin but love.

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Date:2003-12-08 23:40
Subject:bad santa
Mood: grateful

i love chelsea. me and her just danced around the kitchen to john mayer. i tried to exercize, but she kept unintentionally reminding me how fat and unfit i am. diet pills sound so tempting.... ha. no, but we had fun dancing around. shes so old! i remember when she was born! sniff, i want her to be 4 with a boy haircut again. did you know she got hit by an ice cream truck once when she was 5 or 6. she says she remembers seeing underneith it. i remember we put a million neon band-aids on her b/c she had so many cuts. weird memory.

i went shopping all day with erica. i looked for black boots at every store possible, and they were all too loose in the ankle. why do i have to have freakin chicken ankles?!? i just want a really awesome pair of black boots that come up to my knee. is that so much to ask?? we were at ingram for probably 4 hours. but i did get lauren a present and i got me some cute pants .... and a shirt. i ate lunch and dinner at ericas house. she cooked. suprisingly the food wasnt half bad. i must give the girl some credit, her cooking was almost enjoyable. the baked beans were to die for! ha. my dad and chelsea came to dinner and then we dropped chelsea off at dance. my dad and i went and saw Bad Santa (you know, with billy bob thorton, etc) it was surprisingly pretty funny. i laughed out loud a few times. then we picked up chelsea and went to "shakes" i got a root beer float. mmmmmm.

so thats about it. been keeping busy. i talked to zach today and tonto called me on saturday. i talk to kara and chelcey alot and steve sometimes. its good to hear from all them.

now im tired. bring me to new orleans!!

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Date:2003-12-07 01:48

PROBLEM:i have no way of getting to new orleans for new years.


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Date:2003-11-03 01:08
Mood: irate

OH MY GOD!! my roommate taped over pop show with episodes of I Love Lucy and Bewitched!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i seriously cant breathe. why is this the worst week of my life?? im going to break go break a few things now.

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Date:2003-11-02 23:46
Subject:life... it gets me every time
Mood: scared

im in a slump. i hate being insecure. i worry too much about things i shouldnt and i dont worry enough about things i should. i have so much to do, its not even funny. i just want to go walk in the rain and look up and open my mouth and spin in circles. my roommate has been out of town all weekend and i love having the room to myself, it makes me never wanna leave. but not having someone attahced to me at all times gives me too much time to get depressed. last night when i got home from another bonfire, i broke down and cried for an hour... it was pretty dramatic, i fell to my knees and everything. im just so unsure about so many things and i HATE being indecisive and never being completely set on my own ideas and opinions. i need to grow some balls and stop being so weak, and i need to find some confidence somewhere b/c i have none!!

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Date:2003-10-27 01:19
Subject:great band!
Mood: content

anyone ever heard of spearhead?? PLEASE download some songs. they are my new love. dl "oh my god". NOW!

i went to a bonfire last night in south carolina and i got bit by every bug that could possibly bite me. oh well. me, cara, zach, fake collin, and some other cool people went. hot black guy played the guitar. it actually got pretty bring after a while, but it was fun while it lasted. then we drove back here and laughed the entire time we were in the car. good times.
the night before me, fake collin, zach, and matt drove to the beach at 2am and layed on the sand and looked at the stars and stuff. that was also fun.
the day before that mary and i went shopping all day. i got a $4 really cute skirt at express and a $3 tank. i love shopping well.
fake collin wants to be an indian. he doesnt watch tv and he doesnt eat junk food, he says you are what you eat. he wears a panda bone around his neck that was given to him by an indian warrior or something.

guys! we really could all be indians!!

ok, i also need a halloween costume. i feel like theres going to be lots of competition with all the hardcore art students.

OK. dl spearhead songs! you wont be let down.

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